An Intimate Interview with Geddy Lee of Rush

Tidings, Canada’s only national food and wine publication, has published an interview/article with Geddy Lee where the discussion centers around Geddy's love of wine, the band's recent involvement in the Grapes of Humanity Charity and more.
Tidings: One thing I’ve noticed is that, given your love of wine and Alex’s love of wine, I don’t notice any wine references in your songs. Since Neil is the lyricist, can I assume that he’s not a wine buff?

Lee: He loves wine and he loves food. He’s not as mental as I am, but he’s always happy to come out and eat and drink with us. He also loves to cook. But he’s got so many interests I don’t know if he would have room to become a serious wine nut.
Click HERE to read the entire article.

Thanks to reader Amy Lee Myer-Seaman for passing along the news.


  1. Neil IS, however a scotch fan at the very least. He enjoys Macallan scotch on his travels, though I'm curious as to which vintage he's pouring in his flask. He simply calls it, "The Macallan", and though I find (so far) -all- Macallan is very good, from the 12-year cheap stuff to the 30-year ambrosia, I'm very curious as to what he's decanting. Personally, I love the 18-year 1987 vingage and I'd like to think he's quaffing that. ;)


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