Rush’s Rock Renaissance

Rush’s Rock Renaissance
The Canadian Men's Magazine Sharp has just posted a feature article on Rush titled Rush’s Rock Renaissance and sub-titled How three nerds from Ontario created a musical empire, and why 2012 was their greatest year yet. The exceptionally positive and retrospective article focuses on how Rush has become more popular than ever over the past few years which has, in part, culminated into their recent nomination into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame class of 2013:
To fulfill their mythic destiny, Rush has one door left to unlock: that of the Hall of Fame. Though the Hall’s body of critics has appeared anti-Rush in the past, the media’s recent change of heart indicates the band won’t have to wait until 2112 to get canonized in the rock and roll firmament.

“People now understand the importance of what they’ve done, the longevity and the fact that they’re still really good at what they do,” says Ghomeshi. “Even the most ardent critics have begrudgingly accepted this and have to give them props. From here on in, I think they will be considered the rightful rock icons that they should be.”
The article also includes interview snippets from Geddy Lee, Snakes & Arrows / Clockwork Angels producer Nick Raskulinecz, author Chris MacDonald (Rush, Rock Music and the Middle Class) and more.

Check out the complete article at this LINK.


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