Ohio Governor Asks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Why Rush Hasn't Been Inducted Yet

Rush and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rush's omission from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a long-standing issue, brought recently to light once again after Rush played to a sold-out crowd in Cleveland; home to the Hall of Fame. Yesterday, the issue was resurrected as Ohio Governor John Kasich met with the RRHoF Board of Directors and demanded to know why Rush has been excluded from the institution. The governor tweeted the following:
"Just met w/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board & demanded to know why @RushtheBand isn't in the @Rock_Hall of Fame."
For an extensive look back into the history surrounding Rush's exclusion from the HoF, check out this page from Power Windows.

Thanks to GeddyWannaBe for alerting me to the tweet.


  1. Oh no, not the r&rhof again!! it's getting boring......can't we ban the whole subject?
    Anyway, to quote Groucho Marx, "i refuse to join any club that would have me as a member..." There's a little bit of truth in that!

  2. so what did they say to the Governor? Can anyone tell me? I do not have a twitter account.

  3. Well I thought I smelled something rotten in Denmark! Truth is - the argument will not stop until Rush is voted in. There are just too many folks out there who want to see it happen, well, excepting the grumpy old has beans in the RRHOF. If you ask me - I think the RRHOF ought to be dismantled for their inveritable lack of true judgement of character.

  4. I would hope the boys would do their fanns the pleasure of not accepting the award.If the Gov. has to get involved, Please. They have US.

  5. Agreed Dymond!

  6. Sounds like someone is looking for votes. Rush not in the RRHoF? Isn't that bullshit? (To paraphrase Stephen Colbert)


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