Rush Make an "Appearance" on Latest Episode of South Park

Rush on South Park
Comedy's Central's long-running animated show South Park included a Rush reference in last night's episode titled Royal Pudding (Season 15, Episode 3). Here's the official synopsis of the episode:
The prince of Canada is about to take a princess and thousands have gathered for the royal wedding. Ike Broflovski is obsessed with it. When they're about to get married, the princess is abducted. All Canadians must find her, and Ike answers the call to arms.
In the episode, Rush are playing live, performing at a candlelight vigil for the princess. They're playing a very Rush-infused version of Candle in the Wind. During the song, Geddy sings the verse, "... it seems to me you lived your life like a flower breaking wind..." after which he promptly breaks his own wind which is followed by Alex, distraught over the kidnapping, shooting himself in the head. The scene ends with Geddy breaking down and crying.

The full episode is now online and can be viewed at this LINK. The scene with Rush occurs around the 6-minute mark.

Below are some screen captures from the episode.
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Thanks to my brother Mario, Mike Wilson, Charlie M and Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.


  1. I know it's South Park, but did anyone else find this a tad disrespectful towards the band or just in poor taste in general?

    Yea, I know -- it's South Park ... but still...

  2. Not at all. You know the guys have a sense of humor, they probably found it just as hilarious as myself.

  3. This was SP's 212th episode.


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