Rush are Laughing in the Limelight

A new interview with Geddy Lee was just published in the Birmingham Post titled Rush are Laughting in the Limelight.

Geddy touches upon a number of topics including his love of wine, his time with Alex and Neil, the current tour and more. Here's an excerpt from the article:
Like a fine wine, Rush seem to get better and better with age – uncorking a spectacular three-and-a-half hour show on their current Time Machine Tour, which rolls into the LG Arena this weekend.

“Yeah, it’s a working job, manual labour... but it’s great work if you can get it,” Lee jokes.

Playing full pelt for that long is no mean feat in itself, but especially when you’ve known each other – and many of the songs – for longer than most folks’ marriages.

Lee says the secret is not only a shared musical vision, but the ability to have fun at the same time:

“We’re really pleased with the way we’re playing on this tour,” says Lee. “In all immodesty I think we’re playing as well as we’ve ever played; I feel pretty good about that.

“We’re all very different personalities – I think that’s a contrast and a healthy thing; we all have certain strong things in common too – we have a great sense of pride in our ability to make each other laugh, and that is almost like a nightly challenge, always in the background, you know – it’s a one-upmanship we have with each other, making each other laugh and that even crosses over onto the stage.
Check out the entire article via this LINK.


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