Clockwork Angels Tour Cellist Adele Stein Interviewed by The Salina Journal

Adele Stein Performs with Rush
Adele Stein is one of the members of the string ensemble that are accompanying Rush on their current Clockwork Angels Tour. The Salina Journal has posted an interview with Adele who is a native of the Kansas town.

In the interview, Adele discusses aspects about the string ensemble and getting to know the band. From the article:
"It's really an incredible experience," she said. "We sit behind the band on a riser. People will be able to see us very clearly."

Stein, who lives in Phoenix, is not old enough to have been into Rush in high school, having graduated South High in 2005.

"Men in their 40s and 50s go nuts over these guys," she said. "They have fans who fly from all over the world to see their first shows when they are on tour."

Stein first met the band after she arrived in Toronto on Aug. 26 for pre-tour rehearsals. She said the string players did a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Lifeson, whose birthday fell during the early days of rehearsals. Stein said she walked past Lifeson and wished him happy birthday, and he thanked her by name.

"Some people I've worked with who are famous, like, they don't take the time to get to know your name," she said. "They (Rush members) are so humble and do not act famous at all."
Adele is one of eight members on the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble which is comprised of eight violinists and two cellists. For a complete list of each member, please see the Clockwork Angels Tour Book.

Click HERE to read the entire interview. Warning: There are spoilers in the article.

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