Premiere Guitar Interview: Rush's Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Rush
The digital edition of Premiere Guitar Magazine has just posted a lengthy interview/article with both Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Titled Glittering Prizes, No Compromises, the interview takes a deep look into the creation of Clockwork Angels as well as Rush's history and influence on other musicians.

From the article:
With the release of this year’s Clockwork Angels, the Canadian legends prove they haven’t changed their devil-may-care attitude one bit. A steampunk concept album that finds the band bringing subtle keyboard and piano elements back into the mix, Clockwork is chock-full of classic Rush hallmarks—from Lifeson’s gloriously echoing, “Limelight”- like solo in “The Anarchist” to Lee’s jaw-droppingly nimble-fingered breakdown in “Caravan” and the newfound fire in Peart’s drum work. But there are also fresh elements that make it perhaps the band’s most listenable outing in years. Lee’s singing, particularly on the beautifully simple “The Garden,” exhibits more control and nuance than on any other Rush record, and several songs are augmented with lush string arrangements.

We spoke to Lee and Lifeson at the tail end of the seven-week rehearsals for their current world tour about everything from the writing and recording of Clockwork to the secrets of their longevity and their extreme gear nerdery—from Lee’s Orange amps and ’72 Jazz-bass fetish to Lifeson’s recent addiction to Marshall Silver Jubilee amps.
You can read the complete article at this LINK or via the digital edition of the magazine HERE.

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