Rush Finally Nominated for Induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rush Nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Game
Update (1:00pm EST): Rush have posted a response to the nomination on their website:
“We are honored to be among the nominees for this year’s Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. We are especially thrilled for the many, many dedicated RUSH fans to whom this nomination is so very important.” – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart

Look out the window and you might just see some pigs flying around. At long, LONG last, Rush has made the nomination list for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

Both Billboard Magazine as well as The R&RHOF Facebook Page have confirmed the news.
Nominees for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013 have been announced. Rush, Deep Purple, Heart, Procol Harum, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Randy Newman are among the names being submitted to voters for next year's induction honors.

Also on the list are Donna Summer, Chic, Joan Jett, Albert King, Kraftwerk, The Meters, N.W.A. and Public Enemy.

Other than Heart, Joan Jett and Chic, this is the first time any of the other artists has been nominated.

In order to be eligible for induction, an artist had to release their first record at least 25 years prior. The ballots will now be sent out to members of the music industry with the results announced in early December.

The 28th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held in at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on April 18th, 2013.
Rush and Deep Purple? Yes, pigs truly must be flying today!

The R&RHOF created a video to introduce the nominees for 2013. The segment on Rush begins at the 5 minute 35 second mark:

There's also a page on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame site where you can VOTE for which of the 2013 nominees you believe should be inducted. Currently, Rush is leading that poll.

Here's the list of all the nominees for the Class of 2013:
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Deep Purple
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Albert King
The Marvelettes
The Meters
Randy Newman
Procol Harum
Public Enemy
Donna Summer
Thanks to reader Ted Schoenberg for sending over the news.


  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again: the RaRHoF is a joke. Why not just induct everybody and be done with it? The lists are endless---both of artists being nominated and artists being ignored---and it seems like there are more and more being nominated not out of particular merit, but as the result of popularity contests.

  2. Enough is enough is enough , I hope the guys or on tour at the time.

  3. Dymond, I couldn't agree more. Hell, I would love it if the boys would ignore the nomination and any induction ceremonies. To be mentioned on a list with Chic and Joan Jett...really? Please, someone give me some agruement as to why either of these "artists" should even be nominated. NWA, Public Enemy...these are rap groups...really? Donna Summer...more disco, really? Randy "I can write a few Pixar theme songs" Newman...really? WTF. AND WHERE IS KISS? RRHOF sucks and should be sunk into Lake Erie.

  4. No offense to the other legitimate nominees (Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction), but I voted for Rush and Rush only, even though you can select up to five. Did not want to taint or water-down my vote. Still, I don't believe the fan voting will be a big part of Jann Wenner's selection process - he has something against Rush and the nomination is just to shut up the fans. I wish I was wrong, but I just don't see it any other way. The band
    will be gracious, of course, whether they get in or not. It it was up to me, I'd wait for the word they got in, then thumb my nose at the RRHOF. But Rush is better than that. To quote Chevy Chase in 'Fletch Lives': "It takes a big man to admit he is wrong. I am NOT a big man!"

    1. Finally someone quotes Fletch on my site. Thank you Rickster! :)

      And I agree. Great, they've been nominated. Great, you're giving fans the ability to vote (which will only count 1/600th of the overall vote). Let's face it, they've been nominated, but I'd be surprised if they got in - especially on this first (only?) go-around.

      We'll see...

    2. Thanks, John! There was also a subtle Simpsons reference earlier in my post - not sure if anyone caught that. And it's extremely odd to quote 'Fletch Lives' instead of the classic 'Fletch', as there wasn't much quotable (or watchable) in the sequel, but it fit for the purposes of this thread. Can't wait to see the show Nov. 25th in Phoenix - word on the street is the string section is fantastic!

  5. Just saw a pig fly by......hope he has a s&$t on the RRHOF.....

  6. I would be a hoot if the boys rejected the nomination. I'd love it.

  7. I'm happy to hear it. The band has rejected over commercialization for so long.
    (The Spirit Of Radio). Maybe the Fly By Night Volkswagon commercial or the Limelight Pepsi ad or
    the movie cameos were what put them over the top. One thing is for certain
    they only participated in those gigs because it was something they wanted
    to do. If they are elected and choose to accept it will definetly be because
    they chose to do so. Neil Peart isn't doing anything he doesn't want to do.
    Yeah, they are too classy to reject it I believe, but there is a real chance
    they won't make an appearance for any number of reasons.


  8. The fan voting has the boys way ahead thus far. Deep Purple #2 and Heart #3. Apparently the fan vote will count in the final analysis.
    Rush is likely they care?

  9. Public Enemy.. for.. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame? Let's add Donna Summer to that too, "..last chance.. ROmance!" Horrible.

  10. "If they are elected and choose to accept it will definetly be because
    they chose to do so. " Keh?


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