Geddy Lee Named Second-Best Bassist of All Time in MusicRadar Poll

Geddy Lee Named Second-Best Bassist of All Time
MusicRadar just posted their list of the 60 best bassists all of time which was based on a reader poll. In it, Geddy Lee came in at the #2 spot. From the list:
It's Geddy Lee. The Rush man has inspired thousands to pick up the bass guitar, and many of the other bassists in this rundown cite him as an influence. A leading frontman, songwriter and a remarkable bass talent, it's no surprise he remains perennially popular with you guys.
John Taylor of Duran Duran fame came in at the #1 spot, garnering an impressive 30% of the total votes. Rush fans, naturally, are asking for a recount. :-)

You can check out the entire list at this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.


  1. John Taylor is an excellent bassist no doubt, but imagine what Geddy could have done if he had ONLY concentrated on playing bass. Would love to see JT try to sing, play synth bass pedals, electric bass and keyboards at the same time like my man Geddy.

  2. I grew up as a huge KISS fan, but I'd be the first to admit that none of them were particularly memorable individually (that would be like saying that Phil Rudd is an exceptional drummer [maybe he is, but he's never ever shown it]). Gene and Paul picked a power chord style for the band that worked and stuck to it: simple but strong. I am surprised, however, that Marcus Miller did not make it onto the list. He reminds me a lot of Steve Harris. And Roger Waters is a brilliant song writer, but I've yet to hear anything he's performed which has made me think it was unusually innovative or difficult. To me, the two best bassist will always be Geddy and 'Arry.

  3. I thought when I saw john Taylor that this was some mistake . But to have him and Gene Simmons on a list with likes of so many of the others on this list is abusurd.He may be a better player than Colon Gregson of BAD NEWS but better than a Ls Claypool or Mick Karn ? Wow please give me some of what your smoking .I need a break from reality as well.

    1. LOVE your reference to Colon Gregson! Brilliant!


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