Introducing the Alex Lifeson Signature Lerxst® Omega Guitar Amplifier

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Alex Lifeson, along with Mojotone, have created an exact replica of the custom amplifier Alex has in his guitar rig, and are now making it available to the general public. From the press announcement:
Fans of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and his stunning guitar tone finally have the opportunity to get their hands on one of Lifeson's most prized pieces of gear. After working with engineers at Mojotone, one of the leading custom amp builders in North America, Lifeson is putting his name on an exact replica of the custom amplifier used in his guitar rig. Dubbed the Lerxst Omega, the amp will be available to the public immediately.

The Lerxst® Omega amplifier was created by Mojotone based on a vintage Marshall amp Lifeson used in the studio while recording the band's latest album, "Clockwork Angels." With select modifications made to the circuitry and an overwhelming attention to aesthetic detail, this 25/50 watt amp is a marvel in the world of modern sound amplification. And for a guitarist like Alex, who has one of the most distinctive and recognizable tones in rock music, the Lerxst has to live up to a high level of expectation.

"It sounds so good!" stated Lifeson, moments after receiving the very first build of his new signature amp. "We pulled the Marshall last night after A/B-ing the two. The tonal character is quite similar, but the response of the Lerxst® has greater immediacy, sustain and grip."
For more information including ordering details, click HERE.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for the news.


  1. Honestly, the only way you can get Lerxt sound is that elusive TC Electronics 1210. I've been questing for Lerxty tones it for years. An amp ain't gonna cut it.


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