Rush's R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour Draws to a Close in Los Angeles Tonight

Rush's R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour Draws to a Close in Los Angeles Tonight
Update: There was a very touching moment at the end of Working Man. See the video below for all the highlights of the band's farewell.
Update: James Fell of the Los Angeles Times has just posted a brief interview with Geddy Lee titled For Rush's Geddy Lee, touring means training. Click HERE to read it.
When they turn the pages of history, Rush's history, the summer of 2015 will always be looked upon as one of the most exciting in the band's history. For more than forty years, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart have provided generations of fans with musical memories that will last a lifetime. From their thought-provoking albums to the incredible live shows, Rush have never ceased to amaze.

Yet as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so, a mere three months after it began, Rush will bring their latest chapter to an end, tonight, in Los Angeles. The R40 Live 40th Anniversary North American tour began on May 8th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and traveled to thirty-four cities across the continent, playing to sold-out arenas after sold-out arenas to thousands upon thousands of appreciative fans. If this truly is the last major tour for the band, I'm sure most fans would agree that R40 was the concert to top all concerts.

I want to take a moment to not only thank Rush, their management and crew for R40, but also all of you. So many of you generously supplied this site with pictures and stories from the R40 tour, and the conversations that occurred on Cygnus-X1.Net's Facebook Group Page have been amazing. Nothing seems to bring Rush fans together like a tour, and I'm happy this site brought so many of you together.

We'll be posting updates from tonight's show to the R40 Set List Page and, of course, we'll have photos uploaded as they come in. For those lucky enough to be in attendance tonight, have a fantastic time!

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  • "Freeze this moment a little bit longer..."

    Thank you, Rush!

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    1. No Pittsburgh date, very disappointing. Can't believe they left off Cleveland, either. Two of Rush's most loyal cities pushed aside in favor of some other head shakers.

    2. I'm more disappointed in the ticket prices. I had hoped Rush would have cut us a break after 40 years of loyalty. This was the first tour I've missed in more than 30 years due to not being able to afford tickets in excess of $150 for nosebleeds---and it just happens to be their last big tour. Which means that if they do a limited tour for their next albums, they'll probably be so far away as to make getting to those just as pie-in-the-sky unaffordable.

      Not here to bitch, even though I just did. I know concerts on these scales are hugely expensive to undertake.

      Hope the concert Blu-ray comes out sooner rather than later so I can at least live the excitement vicariously!

    3. I knelt at my bedside last night, hands clasped, and was just about to pray for world peace and a £5,000,000 lottery win, when I suddenly stopped, realising I was just about to make a huge mistake. "Lord (or Mr Freeman)....", I whispered, skywards, ".....please ask Rush to play 3 nights in London in 2016..."
      Pray with me brothers and sisters, and let it happen....Amen.

      Blu-ray is out at Christmas Btw!

    4. If it happens here in UK then fantastic if not itl be for a very good reason. They've give enough especially Neil, anyone else suffered that stress be dead years ago. If so savour the moment and think how lucky we'll be. Music will go on for ever. Love em and I don't need to go to Toronto to know that!..

    5. I second that !!!

    6. John - I hope all Rush fans have a chance to glance down through your final Rush show pictures to see the last photo...the black and white of the boys walking away. Gave me chills. What a great photo and what a great memory. Don't know where it came from, but thanks for posting it.

    7. I'm going to miss the Boyz for sure. I wish them good luck in what ever they decide to do.

    8. Everybody has their memories of Rush but for me as a somewhat normal kid in high school in the late 70s, listening to Rush on headphones took me to places I never imagined existed, encouraged me to learn to play an instrument and introduced me to the power of the written word. I took my son to see them on the Clockwork Angels tour and he was in awe of the band. They will always hold a treasured place in my heart. Thanks guys.

    9. Man. I have a hard time believing it's potentially over. If it is many thanks to the greatest rock trio of all time.

    10. A big thank you to all of those who kept this web site going over the years. This has always been my go to site for all news Rush. Also, thank you Rush. I've been fortunate to see all the tours since Grace Under Pressure. It's been a fun and meaningful ride.

    11. Expecting RUSH to continue pushing the envelope after 40 years of fantastic writing, recording and live shows is like asking Joe Montana to come back and win another Superbowl.

      If Clockwork Angels is their last album and taking an eight piece string section on tour to play the entire album live (as recorded) is the end... So be it, nobody in the rock business will ever top RUSH!

      Be thankful for what RUSH has contributed to the ether of Rock & Roll, and consider yourself very fortunate to have 'gotten it'. Pity those who missed it, their IQ wasn't high enough to make the team...


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