Gibson Ranks Rush Third Best Trio of All Time

Gibson has a new 'Best of List'; this time focusing in on the Top 10 Rock Trios of all time. In the article, which is titled Three’s Company: The Top 10 Rock Trios, Rush came in at the #3 spot. Here's what Gibson had to say about the band:
3. Rush

Via regular reinvention, perseverence and undeniable musicality, Rush have reached legend status. It’s a weird set-up: drummer Neil Peart writes the lyrics; Geddy Lee has a “unique voice” and manages to play bass/synths/footpedals and sing it all simultaneously. Alex Lifeson continues to chop out riffs and solos that all bear his unique signature. Rush remain a band no one would ever have invented, yet they remain huge after 37 years together. Even Rush instrumentals can send a crowd ballistic…
Rounding out the Top 10 were Cream at the #2 spot and The Jimi Hendrix Experience coming in at #1. Pretty exceptional company, wouldn't you say?

View the entire top 10 list at this LINK.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for passing along the news.


  1. Although it must be added that Rush's catalog is what?.... four to five times larger than either of those bands? And ALL of it is awesome. You tell me who is the best trio of all time.

  2. They are not 3 anything, easy # 1.

  3. Talentwise Rush tops em all by a landslide.
    Hendrix supertalented (obviously). He's the only reason they're ranked 1.Same with Clapton with Cream. Ginger Baker good drummer but not a serious legend.
    Rush has the #1 drummer and bassist of all time on board. Alex has got to be a top 20 guitarist as well.
    With all due respect to the others it's no contest.

  4. If you ask ME, and thats ONLY if you ask me, I say to try and put anyone ahead of the guys is simply uncivilized and foolish. But hey - what do I know?


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