Geddy Lee Speaks to the Irish Times

With Rush set to make their first ever concert appearance in Ireland on May 12th, Geddy Lee took some time out to talk to Kevin Courtney of the Irish Times:

You’ve been together since 1974 and have remained friends all this time. Do you think you’ll make it to your 40-year anniversary?

I don’t see any reason not to. We made it this far. If we’re not sick of each other yet, we’re not gonna get sick of each other in the last couple of years. We’ve had moments where we’ve been frustrated and tired and not happy – that happens in life – but I don’t think we’ve ever looked at each other and said: “I don’t wanna do this any more.”

You’ve built your reputation on fast fretwork and skilled musicianship – are you worried that as you get older, you’ll be overtaken by the young musos?

That’s the reason why we’ve been going on tour so much in these last couple of years – it’s through fear of that happening. Right now, and certainly on the last portion of the tour, we feel we’ve been playing as well if not better than we’ve ever played before, so it’s kinda like, “this is working really well, so let’s just ride it”. A musician can evolve into another phase of their life and still be viable. It’s not so easy for an athlete to do that.
To read the entire article/interview, click HERE.

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