Neil Peart: Then and Now

Rhythm Magazine - August 2011 Modern Drummer Magazine - February 1994
Throughout Neil Peart's career as the drummer (and lyricist) for Rush, he has been on a pursuit of excellence with her percussion skills. "It's been my life's tangent" Neil has stated. Looking back at his career, Neil's evolution as a musician - and person - is dramatic and encouraging; heart-warming and inspirational.

Few musicians put so much effort into refining their skills. Even fewer reinvent themselves after decades of growth; always eager to learn and grow. Perhaps that, beyond his playing abilities, is why Neil Peart is so revered among fans and fellow musicians alike.

A great way to get a sense of Neil's growth through the decades is now available in two extensive online articles recently posted in the Biographies and Articles section of the site.

The first, coming from the February 1994 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine, discusses Neil's "...Search of The Right Feel..." through his world travels.
Neil's love of bicycling and travel is well known - it's almost the stuff of legend. While on tour with Rush he's been known to avoid the tour bus and bike to the next town and venue. When not on the road with Rush, he has taken his bike to the four corners of the globe, including Europe, mainland China, and Africa.

Upon entering Peart's Toronto home, one is immediately struck by the fact that this man has seen and experienced locales most people can't imagine. "Here's a prized possession of mine," he says proudly, showing a raw-metal sculpture standing about ten inches high and resembling a tribal version of Rodin's "The Thinker." "It's from Africa. It weighs about twenty pounds, and I had to carry it a hundred miles on my bike. but it was worth it."
Fast-forward to the present where Neil was the cover story in the August 2011 issue of the UK's Rhythm Magazine. In this extensive, multi-part article, Neil touches upon his continued growth as a drummer, his time spent honing his craft with drumming legend/teacher Freddie Gruber, and a detailed look into his Time Machine Steampunk-inspired tour kit.

Both articles are great reads that are certain to give you a renewed sense of appreciation and admiration for rock's premiere drummer.

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  1. I may be a devout Geddy fan but I can certainly appreciate everything Neil does to improve his trade... inspiring indeed...


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