A Rush of Light: Four Decades in the Making

A Rush of Light: Four Decades in the Making
The Summer 2011 edition of the industry magazine Professional Lighting and Production includes a 4-page cover story on Rush and their Time Machine Tour. The article discusses the intricacies of Rush's stage show with the band's Production Designer Howard Ungerleider.
Taking in a performance by an artist at the top of the industry while at the pinnacle of their career is to witness the long and meandering paths of experience, talent, knowledge, and hard work meet and perfectly intertwine at a single point. It's an awe-inspiring, yet rare occurrence that forces the audience to reconsider everything they thought they knew about artistic and creative inception, design, implementation, and performance. It's something Canadian iconoclasts Rush know much about.
The entire issue is available online at this LINK. The Rush feature appears on pages 18-21.

Thanks to reader RushFanForever for passing along the link.


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