Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland Premieres Tonight on VH-1 Classic

Rush: Live in Cleveland Concert Movie
The long-awaited Rush concert film Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland will make its world premiere tonight on VH-1 Classic at 8:00pm EST. In addition to the airing of the concert film, VH-1 Classic will be airing 24 hours of Rush content as part of their RUSH Hashanah Celebration.

According to the VH-1 Classic's schedule, the concert film will run for 2 hours and 30 minutes, followed by the critically acclaimed documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.

For those of you who prefer to wait and see the film on the big screen, you'll be able to do so on October 26th. Click HERE for more information on the theatrical release.

And to pre-order Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland, use one of the links below.
Rush Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD - $18.99
Rush Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland Blu-Ray - $22.49
Enjoy the concert, everyone!

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  1. Just got through watching the concert on vh-1 classic. They edited out i think about 5 songs and the drum solo. Looks like this will be a great dvd or blu ray to buy. Caravan sounded great and it looked like the guys were having fun onstage. The cool thing was at the end instead of having the clip with Rudd and Segal going backstage they showed a video of the guys in character as the deli guys playing the polka version of closer to the heart, very funny.

  2. They cut out way more than a few songs... and I was pretty sure they played the same "outro" during the tour too...

  3. Brilliant concert! I absolutely loved the camera work during "Free Will".

    Can't wait to experience this in the theater - and then in true HD...!


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