One Louder Magazine Interviews Rush/Anthem's A&R Man Andy Curran

One Louder Magazine has just posted an interview with Andy Curran; Anthem/SRO's A&R (Artists and Repertoire) man. In the interview, Andy discusses his long history with Rush, his daily A&R duties at Anthem/SRO, the Time Machine Tour and more.
OLM: How did you get involved with RUSH? Were you a fan of the band before coming on board?

AC: I’ve been friends with Geddy for years. We played tennis together which led to meeting guitarist Alex Lifeson. Eventually my solo band opened for RUSH on the Roll the Bones Tour. It was a very easy transition with them as we were friends first. However, I do pinch myself all the time when I’m with the guys, as I was a really big fan of the band growing up; I even bought a Rickenbacker bass because of Geddy!!!

However, with RUSH I don’t really think the true definition of A&R exists with them. They know what they want. I offer suggestions, but those guys are in cruise control and know exactly what they want. I try to administer their wishes by assembling a great team of producers, engineers and studios. As a fellow musician, I instinctively have their backs, so I’m on guard 24/7 to make sure that anything that comes across my desk for them is first class. They deserve that. In fact, all of our acts deserve that.
You can read the entire interview via this LINK.

Thanks to Skip Daly for passing along the news.


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