Mobile Production Monthly Magazine Features Rush and their Road Crew

Mobile Production Monthly Feature on Rush
The July 2011 online issue of Mobile Production Monthly Magazine features an in-depth article on the Rush Time Machine tour titled Welcome to the High Tech World of SteamPunk.
Since the very beginning of their existence, Rush have been known for their precise and complicated compositions. Prior to seeing the band live it was impossible to understand how they could pull that sound off live with the same energy and accuracy as the recordings. After seeing their show one comes away marveling at the amount of sound that flies off the stage from just three players.
The article includes a nice backstage look of the Time Machine stage show, focuses on Rush's road crew and also includes a feature on Howard Ungerlieder, the band's lighting designer and director.

You can see the entire article via this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the article.


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