Closer to the Heart Included in Guitar World's Top 30 12-String Guitar Songs of All Time

Rush: A Farewell to Kings - Closer to the Heart
Guitar World Magazine has put together a list of the Top 30 12-String Guitar Songs of All Time; an interesting if not challenging list to compile:
When considering the choices for this list, we realized it wasn't as easy a task as we first thought.

What makes for a great 12-string guitar song as opposed to a great song that just happens to have a 12-string somewhere on it? Let's face it, if "Stairway to Heaven" had a ukulele on it, it would immediately be in the running for Greatest Ukulele Song of All Time.
Coming in at the #10 spot is Rush's own Closer to the Heart from their 1977 masterpiece A Farewell to Kings. Here's what they had to say about this classic song:
Taken from Rush's 1977 album A Farewell to Kings, "Closer to the Heart" begins with a majestic-sounding arpeggio picking pattern played by guitarist Alex Lifeson on a 12-string guitar. This song was also Rush's first hit in the U.K. and has been a staple of their live show ever since.
You can check out the entire list of 30 songs at this LINK.

Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the news.


  1. I agree with this list. Hotel California was indeed a nice surprise and a spot-on choice. However, the only video I watched from all those included on the list, was S.R.V.´s Rude Mood, and that was enough to learn that it´s my favourite performance. Stevie was such a beast guitar player.

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