Jacob Moon Covers Rush's Limelight On His Forthcoming Fascination CD

Jacob Moon's Fascination
Update: Jacob has uploaded the entire version of Limelight. Click HERE to have a listen.
Back in 2008, Canadian musician Jacob Moon performed an acoustic version of Rush's classic single Subdivisions on the rooftop of the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, ON. The video performance quickly went viral among Rush circles and garnered universal praise. Jacob included his version of Subdivisions on his album The Loop.

Jacob's has been working on his next release, titled Fascination, which will include another Rush cover; Limelight. A preview clip of Jacob's performance of this seminal Rush classic has just been made available on SoundCloud.

Limelight was recorded with The David Barrett Trio, a band who worked with none other than Alex Lifeson in the production of their debut album. There is a video discussion between Jacob and David about the recording of Limelight and working with Rush's guitarist.

To pre-order a copy of Jacob's Fascination CD, please click through to either Kapipal or RocketHub.

Thanks to RushFanForever for the news.


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