Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour Film - Coming to a Theater Near You?

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD
While nothing has been officially announced yet, it appears that Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels Tour DVD will make its theatrical debut on November 18th.

The concert film showed up on a listing for several Goodrich Quality Theaters; a chain of 30 movie theaters, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

Additional listings are also available on MovieFone as well as Fandango, however showtimes are still not available.

We'll have more information on this news as it becomes available.

The Clockwork Angels Tour Video will be released on November 19th and can be pre-ordered via the links below:
  • 2-disc DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • 3-disc CD
  • Thanks to Joe Pesch for the news.

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    1. Looking forward to this so much! It might be my first BluRay purchase. Can I assume that it was actually shot in native HD? Does anyone know what other Rush concert videos are native HD on BluRay? i.e. not upconverted


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