Rush Clockwork Angels Tour Film - Limited Edition Deluxe Package Available from Rush Backstage Club

Rush Clockwork Angels Tour DVD
With the release date of Rush's forthcoming Clockwork Angels Tour concert film rapidly approaching (it's due out on November 19th), the Rush Backstage Club along with Rush.Com have just announced a special, limited edition deluxe package version of the concert film.

From the Backstage Club:
The Rush Clockwork Angels Tour - Limited Edition Deluxe Package is a exclusive available from Rush Backstage Club. Packaged in a LP size casebound portfolio book, this limited edition set contains the Rush Clockwork Angels 3 CD set, DVD (2 disc) and Blu-Ray (1 disc). In addition, this package contains a 36 page tourbook unique to this set. This release is strictly limited and each unit is numbered out of 5000.
The special edition lists for $99.99 and, as indicated above, is limited to a run of just 5,000 copies.

Those not interested in the deluxe edition can still pre-order the standard editions via the links below:
  • 2-disc DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • 3-disc CD
  • Thanks to GeddyWannaBe for the news.

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