Andy VanDette Interview - Mastering The Studio Albums 1989-2007

Rush Vapor Trails Remix
Sound engineer Any VanDette, who was responsible for remastering most of Rush's back catalogue, discusses both the new Studio Albums 1989-2007box set along with the remixed version of Vapor Trails in a new interview posted at The Masterdisk Record.

From the interview:
Q: Can you compare the experience of re-mastering the Mercury catalog to the Atlantic albums?

Andy: Being the cutting edge technology band that Rush is, they were one of the first to embrace digital recording. Pushing the envelope to record 44.1 Khz 16 bit in the late 80′s seems a little short sighted today, but that probably felt pretty close to the cutting edge then. Early digital sounded very clear, but also very thin. I wish there had been analog safety copies of “Test for Echo”.

Q: Which do you think improved the most?

Andy: Well… “Vapor Trails” of course. I see why they had a hard time remastering the original mixes. So much of their energy is in the bottom octave 20-40Hz. You can roll it off, but so much of the mixes’ punch came from that. It was just mixed that way. The David Bottrill remixes are very well balanced and musical.
You can read the entire interview at this LINK.

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