Four-Part Geddy Lee Video Interview Now Available at MusicRadar

Geddy Leee Music Radar Interview
Update: A fifth video interview installment has just been posted. Available HERE, this piece features Geddy discussing the recording process of the drumming parts on Clockwork Angels. Thanks RushFanForever for the new link.
MusicRadar.Com has just posted a four-part video interview with Geddy Lee focusing on different aspects of the recording of Clockwork Angels.

Part 1 of the interview, titled Recording Straight After a World Tour, features Geddy discussing the popularity of the Time Machine World Tour and how its success ultimately delayed the final recording of Clockwork Angels.

In Part 2 of the interview, titled How Recording Processes Change, Geddy talks about the advancement of technology and how that has fundamentally changed the aspect of recording an album (both positive and negative) and the band's attempt of embracing the new technology while still holding on to tried and true recording methods of years past.

In Part 3, which is called Recording Clockwork Angels, Geddy chats about recording Clockwork Angels in Nashville for the opening two tracks, and prior to the Time Machine Tour and then, after the tour, continuing the recording in Toronto.

And finally Part 4, which is titled Switching Instruments, Geddy talks about how he and Alex Lifeson switched instruments for the initial writing of the song 'The Wreckers'.

Thanks to RushFanForever for the news.


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