Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Magazine Interview: Like Clockwork - Now Online

Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Magazine July 2012
The July 2012 issue of the UK's Bass Guitar Magazine features Geddy Lee on the cover and an accompanying article titled Like Clockwork. The article, which is now online and can be read HERE, has Geddy discussing numerous topics including "...tone, touring and tricky bass parts..." Geddy also talks in length about his bass technician John McIntosh:
Although Rush have spent decades pioneering new ways of making cutting-edge rock music, Geddy is not always keen to abandon his tried and trusted bass sounds in favour of new and untested possibilities. He explains, "As a player, when I find a sound I like, I tend to stick with it, and just leave it. I don't want to mess with it, once I've got to a place I like - but John is really good, he's always throwing different options at me, which is stimulating. It's good for me. During our downtime, John got the sound of these different pickups, made me a CD of each of them and sent it to me. I wasn't too interested in thinking about my bass sound when I was on holiday, but as soon as I got back to work, I was keen to hear what he had done, and it worked out well, because although my main bass remains largely unchanged, what we did was use some of the different basses on three or four tracks of the album, just to utilise different pickup sounds."
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