Geddy Lee: The Grapes Of Rush

Geddy Lee: The Grapes Of Rush
Samaritan Magazine, an online publication covering "The Good Deeds of Individuals, Charities and Businesses" has posted a article on one of Geddy Lee's other passions: wine. The article, titled Geddy Lee: The Grapes Of Rush not only discusses Lee's affection for wine, but his involvement with the charitable organization The Grapes For Humanity Global Foundation. Geddy, who sits on the board for the organization, takes great pride in the fact that the charity has raised over $4 million through numerous wine-related fundraisers.

From the article:
“I was very drawn to it because we did small projects. If we raised $50,000, we’d go to Honduras, build a clinic, and you saw the direct result of that money in action. And that’s something, to me, that makes you feel really good because you know there’s no waste there.”

Along with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, Lee has hosted two “Excellent Adventure” events on behalf of Grapes For Humanity Canada.

“We organized these train trips to the wine country,” Lee explains. “We get the generous help of a local winery — the first time we did it was in Niagara and Moray Tawse of Tawse Winery offered up his place. We bring people from the city, get a private car through the generous help of VIA Rail, and we take a train up to the winery. We spend the afternoon picking grapes; learning how that particular bit of cultural area operates, and have a fantastic lunch out at the vineyard.”
Grapes Of Humanity’s next event will be held on November 7 at Sopra in Toronto. For more information, and to read the entire article, click HERE.

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