Heart on Rush

Heart on Rush
The Spring 2013 issue of Goldmine: The Music Collector's Magazine is a special Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction issue which features a new interview with Geddy Lee. In addition to the Geddy Lee interview, which can be read in its entirety at this LINK, there is also a lengthy interview with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart where the topic of Rush comes up in several questions.

From the Heart article:
Goldmine, Do you think Heart deserves the Hall of Fame?
Ann Wilson: Oh, absolutely. I think it is really about the music, but it is also about your influence on rock culture. I think we deserve to be there and I know that Rush deserves to be there.

Rush being inducted is a fine moment in rock justice, if there ever was one. I mean that. Those guys are so beloved, and so true to themselves and they are such an amazing band. It has always been a question mark to me sometimes when it comes to people who have been inducted vs. others who have not been inducted. It is sometimes a dog whistle that I can't understand. Where Rush is concerned, it is dead on and it's who should be in there.

GM, I hope you get to Jam with Rush at the end of the event.
Nancy Wilson: Me, too. I am a super Rush fan. We didn't grow up Rush fans because there was a secret dog whistle that only males could hear. We watched the documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage," because they are really good friends with our producer. Ben Mink and I thought it would be really cool to see that. I got way into it I loved the way they had their chicken basting machines and their washing machines as their backline. I loved their intelligence and their humor. I brought it to the tour bus and I watched it with Ann. We have been big Rush fans ever since.
Geddy Lee had this to say about Rush being inducted into the Hall of Fame:
Geddy Lee: I was pleased, y'know? It wasn't one of those fist-pump things or anything, but I was especially pleased and relieved for our fan base, who made it into a real cause célèbre for the last couple of years. I know how much it means to them. I was pleased they could finally get the monkey off their back. I was also happy and honored to hear this news.
Check out the entire Rush article at this LINK.


  1. Heart and Rush performing, "Barracuda" would be killer. Poor Heart didn't get many sales after their eponymous album though. 11 years between "Desire Walks On" and "Jupiter's Darling"? Still, I love their album, "Little Queen" all the way through.


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