Rush Reference on Conan O'Brien

Rush Reference on Conan O'Brien
Last night's episode of Conan O'Brien included a Rush reference during Conan's monologue. During the monologue, Conan was discussing the topic of the selection process for the new Pope that Cardinals in Rome were undertaking. He then went on to say:
... The top choice for the new Pope could be a Canadian. Isn't that amazing? If elected Pope his first act would be to grant sainthood to Wayne Gretsky, Celine Dion and Geddy Lee from Rush ...
A section of the audience apparently cheered after the Rush remark to which Conan remarked "What's this, a little Rush section over here? I just outed you as Rush fans...".

Later in the episode, Conan revisited the group of fans, commenting "...that did well with the Rush fans..." after he told another joke.

You can watch the entire monologue at this LINK or via the viewer below.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.


  1. I bet Geddy's Pope music would be the beginning of track 3 from Clockwork Angels.


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