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Update (03/23/2013): The transcription of the article that appears in the March 2013 issue of Metal Hammer is now online. The article/interview with Geddy Lee is called Rush and the Weird Rise of Prog Metal. Enjoy.
After Clockwork Angels was released last year, there was an explosion of articles posted about Rush and their new album. Since then, the media blitz has slowed down some, but there have been some notable articles published recently.

The April 2013 issue of Guitar World Magazine includes a great interview with Alex Lifeson titled Big Time Rush. Lifeson chats Rush's upcoming Hall of Fame induction as well as the deluxe reissue of their 1976 prog-rock classic, 2112. From the article:
Do you feel that in general the songs on the second side of 2112 get overlooked?

Absolutely. And I think we in the band are guilty of that as well. We always think of that one song. But we loved the ones on the other side as well. "A Passage to Bangkok," "Something for Nothing," "Lessons" ... And I've often wanted to bring back "The Twilight Zone," because it's such a quirky little song. It would be really cool to attack it again with sort of our new way of approaching our older material.
You can read the entire article at this LINK.

Rolling Stone Magazine's latest issue also includes a brief article on the band that focuses on their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The article is titled Rush's School of Rock:
Rush's Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee might loathe disco and know almost nothing about rap, but the prog giants are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month alongside Donna Summer, Public Enemy and a wide range of other artists. As the band preps for a U.S. arena tour, Lee and Lifeson stopped by RS - and we played them a song by each of their fellow inductees. Here's what they had to say:
Check out the entire article at this LINK (Thanks RushFanForever).

Rush is also featured in the March 2013 issue of Metal Hammer Magazine. Look for a transcription of that article soon.


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