Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - December 2012 - "Adventures in the Wild West"

Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - December 2012
Neil Peart has posted another updated to the "News, Weather, and Sports" section of his website. In this December 2012 entry, titled "Adventures in the Wild West", Neil discusses his motorcycle travels during the third leg of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour which primarily took place during the month of November. The dates during that leg, as the title of this entry suggests, took place in Seattle, California, Nevada, Arizona and finally Texas. On the subject of riding through Texas, Neil had this to say:
Texas truly is a country unto itself, beyond all the clichés, and its people are equally varied and unique. For example, it still remains true that rural Texans are the most courteous drivers in the country, perhaps in the world. Riding the two-lanes (which Brian was also delighted to see posted at 70 mph), cars, pickups, and larger trucks will pull right onto the shoulder as you overtake them. Sometimes you’re not even thinking about passing them yet, but are willing to cruise behind them for a bit, but when they pull over like that, you feel you have to go by — always with a big wave.

Some readers might be surprised to learn that law enforcement is equally relaxed in Texas — especially compared to police states like, say, Ohio. In maybe 20,000 miles of riding in Texas over the years (over 2,000 just that week), I only remember being pulled over once — back in ’97 with Brutus. Even then, the officer was friendly and let us go with a warning. Generally, if you respect the towns and villages, as we always do, you’re not going to have a problem on the open roads. I have never encountered a speed trap in Texas, except on the interstate — and those speed limits are so high (80 on the long rural stretches), you’ve got to be pushing pretty hard to get into trouble even there.
I'll have to make a note about driving through Texas one of these days :)

Neil also discussed, somewhat briefly, the final dates in the 2012 leg of Rush's Clockwork Angels tour and, in particular, the final date in Houston:
After thirty-five shows, and 13,632 motorcycle miles, we finished the Houston show on a very high note, so to speak. The performance itself felt triumphant, and after, we gathered with the stringers for a champagne celebration. It was the first time I stayed after a show on the whole tour, and a couple of the stringers joked that they were used to seeing me as a blur on my sprint to the bus.

A few nights earlier, when we were filming some shows for an eventual concert DVD, director Dale had a cameraman trying to capture my flight. He caught a comment from a female security guard, an older lady with a broad New York City accent. She turned in amazement as I ran past, and gasped,

“Oh my god! He runs faster than Britney Spears! And she was running full out!”

But on this night I stayed behind, and raised a glass to my bandmates — all ten of them! Geddy proposed a toast to the stringers, and said that not only did we love their contributions musically, and the energy they brought to their performance, but they were fun to hang out with, too.

He nodded toward me, and said, “I’ve never seen him so happy on a tour! He’s been . . . Mr. Goodvibe!”
To read the entire entry, click HERE.

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  1. Saw them play in Toronto on Oct 16th.....and even for Toronto and even for the second show....Neil definitely looked and seemed like he was having more fun than I have "ever" seen him......and that has been quite a few times...........
    So whether he realizes it or not.......I think it must be true......


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