Rush 2112 Reference on Fox's American Dad

Sunday night's episode of American Dad including several Rush references throughout the episode. The episode, titled Error Guitar (Season 8, Episode 5), opens with Steve and Snot air-guitaring to 2112: Overture in their garage.

Later, Stan (Steve's father) and Snot are air-guitaring to 2112 once again. In addition, a house/apartment seen in the episode has the #2112 on it.

You can view the opening air-guitar clip at this LINK or via the viewer below.

While this is the first Rush reference in an episode of American Dad, it's not the first time one has appeared in a Seth MacFarlane series. Back in November of 2006, Tom Sawyer was playing in the background of a scene with Chester Cheetah while he proclaimed that "There is no *^&$#*@ better drummer than Neil Peart". See the clip HERE.

Then in an episode that aired in January of 2007, a 2112 sighting was spotted on a billboard. Click HERE to view a screen capture from the episode.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the news from last night's lastest sighting!


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  2. Actually, it's the 8th season of American Dad...not the 9th. Futurama has had 4 Rush references to date and Geddy's, "Take Off", with Bob & Doug was in a Simpsons episode...Awesome Stuff!!!

  3. This is REALLY starting to get annoying. Every time I visit your page, this damned clip loads and plays. Amusing once, but not a dozen times later.

    1. Yea - I agree. I have embedded videos that auto-play. I'm going to remove it and just have a plain old-fashion link to the video....

    2. Ok - adjusted the embedded clip so it doesn't auto-play :)


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