Original Geddy Lee Portrait Available for Sale

Geddy Lee Portrait
Artist Mark Tumber recently contacted me, sharing an original piece of art that he created featuring Geddy Lee, the classic RUSH logo and Geddy's Fender Jazz Bass. Mark is making the original drawing available for sale, as well as prints.

From Mark:
I recently finished drawing a photo-realistic rendering of Geddy Lee (see watermarked image). I've always been a fan of RUSH and the prowess they each have over their 'art'. This portrait clocked in at roughly 40 hours of actual drawing time. It also shows the Fender Jazz Bass that Geddy has always played & been a spokesman for.

This drawing would look great in a music room, bar or den and is the perfect gift for any RUSH fan or aspiring bass player. Geddy has a very expressive and unique visage and I'm pretty sure that I captured his 'look'. The original is 14"x17" (unframed) and is available for purchase for $800. Courier costs (if applicable) would be an additional expense.

I also have smaller 8"x10" acid-free prints of Geddy Lee. These sell for only $35 each. If shipping within Canada, the total cost is $45. If shipping to America, the cost is $55. These are a standard size and can easily be framed in an 11"x14" frame with an 8"x10" matte opening.
If you're interested in purchasing the original artwork or one of the prints, please contact Mark directly at [email protected] or through his website at www.marktumber.com or his Facebook Page.


  1. It's drawn nicely but the composition is kind of boring. Maybe a dramatic pose of Geddy would be more appealing to buyers...or a unique perspective than just a standard portrait.

  2. 'Anonymous' obviously isn't an artist. If the artist drew this as a 14"x17" original & drew Geddy full figure .... his head would be the size of an inch, thus all the photo-realism would be lost. Ironically, the triadic composition with Geddy, the bass & the logo is a classical religious composition (father, son & holy ghost). Kinda cool!

  3. @Max
    I understand your comment.
    As an artist, I understand how it hurts when a viewer doesn't see the beauty that I do in my work.
    That said, many people buy art because they understand the techniques. Several buy it because other things appeal to them. Anonymous, as a consumer, would be attracted to purchasing art focused on the composition he/she described. It would be a completely different piece but that's the type of art that particular person likes.


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