Rush: Headlong Flight Single Update: Cover Art Revealed - Download Available on April 24th

Rush Headlong Flight
Update (12:40pm EST): According to Darren Reddick from Planet Rock; a UK digital radio station, has just announced that he will be airing the the world premiere of Headlong Flight at approximately 2:12PM (9:12AM EST) on April 19th. Thanks RIAB!
Rush's first (third) single from their upcoming Clockwork Angels album Headlong Flight will officially hit the airwaves this Thursday, April 19th. Last week, the Rush community was treated to a 30-second preview trailer of the single and, now, Amazon.Com has released the official artwork for the single, with a pre-order link to download the single on April 24th.

Note that is listing the original release date as April 20th, even though we've received confirmation that Headlong Flight will hit the airwaves on the 19th and be available for download on the 24th.

At this time there is no word if the single will also be released as a CD single. Currently, only 'MP3' is listed as the available format on the Amazon website.

Pre-Order your copy of Headlong Flight today!

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for sharing the news.

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  1. Good news but i've already purchased (as i'm sure we all have) Caravan and BU2B so i'll be waiting for the cd to come out to get my new Rush all in one package. Can't wait for the new cd and tour!

  2. Anyone have any idea what resolution the MP3s at Amazon are??? I'd hate to drop several shekels for anything under 320kpbs.

  3. Amazon releases it at 320k. I'd rather have the physical single though (better quality). Amazon should release a day BEFORE, not 5 days AFTER for that quality. It'll be on YouTube immediately!

    1. Thanks, Mike. And yes, the CD would be preferable!


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