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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clockwork Angels to be Released in Lossless 96kHz/24-bit via HDTrack.Com

Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover
According to Roadrunner Records, Rush's forthcoming album Clockwork Angels will be released in lossless 96kHz/24-bit FLAC through HDTracks.Com. Long-time reader MrSatyre reached out to Roadrunner to confirm this. Here's what he had to say about the release:
Folks, spoke with Roadrunner, and this album will be available on in lossless 96kHz/24-bit FLAC! This is awesome news, people, as you will be able to listen to the new album in true studio master tape quality, not lowly 44.1kHz/16-bit CD-quality audio (to say nothing of *choke* crappy MP3)!

For those of you not in the know, FLAC is Free Lossless Audio Codec, and it's been around for quite a while. Of the numerous lossless audio codecs out there, which allow you to listen to an original recording in all its finite glory, or rip your existing music collection without losing any details and nuances to compression, FLAC is the most common and most widely distributed among audiophiles. Moving Pictures is also available in 96kHz/24-bit FLAC on

You will need to register at to download tracks or entire albums. An entire album averages around $20, just be forewarned, but again you are getting STUDIO MASTER TAPE QUALITY! If you are using anything other than a portable music player and earbuds, this is the ONLY way to listen to music short of being there in the studio when it's being mixed and mastered.

You will either need a computer or laptop connected directly to your audio system in one of two ways: 1) with a high-end dedicated audio card with L/R analog outputs to your preamp or receiver, or 2) with an outboard DAC such as a Pioneer N-50 which can accept audio from a network attached hard drive or directly from your computer via USB or Ethernet. There are lots of other hardware solutions out there, too.
The album is also rumored to receive the 5.1 treatment as well, but nothing official has been announced on that front - yet.

Thanks to MrSatyre for proving the news and information on this audio option.

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  1. Ack! I meant to say CD is 44.1kHz/16-bit, not 24-bit. Sorry 'bout that!

    Incidentally, FLAC supports audio resolutions of 44.1kHz/16-bit all the way up to 192kHz/24-bit. There are a handful of smaller independent labels mixing and mastering in 192/24, but they are sadly few and far between right now.

  2. I won't be paying for this unless it comes with the album and on a disc. I don't see why they can't do it similar to how the MVI edition of Snakes & Arrows was released.

  3. The Snakes and Arrows disc set was very cool, I agree. Wish they would do more like that!

  4. If you have a home audio network (network-capable AV receiver or preamp) in one room, and your music collection on a computer or NAS in a different part of the house, the FLAC solution makes sense. That way, you don't have to grab the disc from wherever it is and insert it in your DVD player whenever you want to listen to it. Not a big deal for many people, but from a purely convenience standpoint, music on your computer is easier to access and faster. Even better if it...uh, sounds better!

    I just tried ripping the 96kHz/24-bit serteo tracks off the S&A DVD and could only find two. Weirdly, only two were discoverable, and the 48kHz 5.1 tracks were divided up.

  5. Looking forward to it, of course. This tour will be my 29th show... so I'm a "kind of stalker." Would love to see Terry Brown in the studio with the boys again. Maybe next one??

    1. That would be interesting, it'll never happen. I would like to see steven wilson.

    2. Heck, I'd like to see me.


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