Alex Lifeson: The High Times Interview Now Online

Alex Lifeson: The High Times Interview
An interview with Alex Lifeson is featured in the June 2012 issue of High Times Magazine. The discussion with Alex focuses on Rush's influence with marijuana, his thoughts on the legalization of the drug and its inspiration on the Rush classic A Passage to Bangkok.

However a comment about the making of Clockwork Angels was particularly interesting...
You founded Rush in 1968 and still seem to find so much joy in recording and performing. What makes this new album unique?

All of our records are thematic, but this one is a little more of an old-fashioned concept album in the tradition of 2112 and Hemispheres. We just recorded a string section yesterday for five of the songs-we still have to sit down and see what we'll use from that, but it sounded fantastic. Rush hasn't used strings in a while, and it's really added a lot of emotional impact to the songs.
You can read the entire article at this LINK.


  1. Did Anyone Order the London Symphony Orchestra? Possibly While High?

    (Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction)

  2. What's really going to set this album apart from 2112 and Hemispheres is that (presumably) all 12 tracks will be part of the same story.

  3. I liked how Alex said they used to get high before shows in the '70's, but would'nt dare get high before shows these days. He said they need to be as clear-headed as possible due to the complexity of the show and material.
    But after the show...

  4. The High Times interviewers were expecting more libertarian red meat and it was fun that he disappointed them. Alex plainly stating that he's a liberal will rankle the hardline Randroids. That "Okay, you're a liberal" was rude. He should have said "Okay, I don't live in the 14th century."

    Agreed, Mr Satyre.

  5. Love his straight forward honesty, nice to know we think alike.


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