Rush's Headlong Flight Now Available on Amazon and iTunes

Rush Headlong Flight
Headlong Flight, Rush's latest single from their upcoming album Clockwork Angels is now available as a digital download at Apple's iTunes Store as well as at Amazon.Com.

Unfortunately, there is still no word if Headlong Flight will also be released as a CD-single but given the lack of news at this late stage, the assumption is that it will only be available as a digital download.

To view the lyrics of the single, please access the main Clockwork Angels Album Page from the main site.

Finally, for those who missed the official video of Headlong Flight, you can watch it below.

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  1. Come on people, lets get on this site and comment. Just downloaded to ITunes and this song absolutely shreds. The drums are much better than I initially thought, bass is phenomal and guitar is well Alex at his best. I am loving this and cannot wait to hear the whole of CA on my Yamaha stereo. Thx John

  2. I'm enjoying the single -- it's catchy, well paced and classic/modern Rush seamlessly merged together. I was concerned that Alex's solo was going to be more of a shred-fest than a melodic section of the song. And, it is -- but it also fits the song very well.

    Now I'm looking forward to hearing HF in the context of the album...

  3. Exactly, this is a good song but i'm going to wait a few weeks and just buy the cd. I mean we already have Caravan and bu2b i'll just watch the video a couple of times and bide my time for the cd release. Yes i'm a huge fan but i want to listen to the cd in order to get the whole story and enjoy it. Glad to see they have an Atlanta concert date again, the last 2 tours it has rained horribly at the venue they play at hopefully this time it will be nice although November 1st in an amphitheater may be a weather gamble.

  4. So I hate to admit this John but I have checked out RIAB. Man I just got attacked for saying I like Test for Echo. I called it dynamic to be told I was "stupid". Your site is so much more fan friendly blog wise and I have tried to direct people here when the vitriol spikes. Contrasting opinions and ideas are welcome but personal attacks are just lame. Thanks for all you do for us and myself especially. Rush on!

    1. I never understand why someone would 'attack' another for their opinion. It makes no sense. At all.

      Oh, and I love T4E :)

  5. Terrific track. Not overly imposing lyrically, but a real dynamic instrumental piece. Can't wait for the finished product!


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