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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover and Tour Book Artwork Revealed?

Rush Clockwork Angels Tourbook Cover Rush Clockwork Angels Album Cover
Ed from RushIsABand just let me know that he was fed what appears to be legitimate artwork for Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album and tour. The artwork came from a very reliable source, though it has yet to be confirmed publicly by the band or Anthem Entertainment.

The album cover depicts a clock of runes in the familiar Clockwork Angels style, and has an imposing, swirling red vortex in the background.

The possible tourbook cover is very reminiscent of some of the artwork that appeared in the Snakes & Arrows album booklet. What's more interesting about the tour book cover is the fact that a dalmation and a fire hydrant are depicted as well. Unquestionably, this is somehow tied to the Signals album which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

Could this indicate that, similar to the Time Machine Tour of 2010-11, Rush are planning on performing Signals in its entirety during the tour? Time will tell.

Hopefully Rush will confirm the album artwork soon. We'll let you known when they do.

Thanks again to Ed for passing along the news.

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  1. Signals would be an interesting choice to perform. All the tracks are strong except i guess for the last song on the cd countdown. One thing i've noticed but never mentioned is how when you see a band be it Bon Jovi, Styx or whoever that almost ever show is different. By that i mean each city played will have a few different songs thrown in the set list. But Rush, who are my favorite band, plays the same set list for the entire tour. You would think they would want some variety in there tour for the sake of boring themselves every night. I know they have to program Geddy's peddle/samples but some change of pace from city to city would be nice.

    1. They've been pretty clear about this point. They choose the set because their music is hard and the requirements are complex. Bon Jovi songs are not Rush songs. Styx is not music (Hey nowwww). Remember Rush play an hour longer than other rock acts. Another benefit.

    2. fletch, are you serious? I think Countdown is one of the strongest songs on the album. My first Rush concert was during the Signals tour and I've been waiting for them to play that song live again since! If they do decide to play Signals live, it would be amazing!

  2. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous artwork! Can't WAIT to see the rest of the package!

  3. Please.....not Signals!

  4. From what I've read about the musical direction of CA, it would seem to be the exact opposite of Signals. Could make for an interesting concert. Contrast the two poles or hemispheres if you will of the new, "old" style tunes with the old, "new" style tunes.

    Hmmmn, I wonder...

  5. Please tell me this is another April Fool's joke. I feel that Signals is a weak album overall with one good song and that those images are ugly. This is the complete opposite of where those singles pointed in 2010!

  6. I beg to differ - Signals is a very strong album. If one has visited Cape Canaveral during a shuttle launch, you would see that the Boys captured the very essence and feeling one gets witnessing such a powerful event.

    Too many synthesizers? Well, this is part of the fabric that makes up the band we have all come to love and cherish over the years.

    1. I have been to a shuttle launch and you are quite correct. Countdown does capture the experience very well and has always been one of my favorites from that album.

  7. Opinions are like well you know......all different which is what makes the world go round. I thought the Snakes tour was killer and mostly because they played 9 songs off the album. If it were up to me and it clearly isn't, I would like to hear the whole of Clockwork Angels. Jim in Seattle

  8. everyone is saying the clock reads 9:12 or 21:12 but it is the big hand on the 9 and small hand on 12 making it 2:47. IT IS THE big hand on the 9.

    1. Actually, I was thinking it looked like 9:11—September 11. But then again, 21:12 makes more sense . . .

  9. I feel it would be a big mistake to play all of Signals on any upcoming tour.
    Seeing as it's in all liklihood one of the final albums and tours it deserves a classic concert, and Signals is a weak album.
    Play either Hemispheres or Farewell to Kings!

  10. If this 'cover art' is authentic and the work of Hugh Syme, I will eat my sombrero. Whoever knocked this poor collection of photoshop filters out did it in no more than 3 minutes...

  11. have you seen Hugh Syme's cover for Hear in The Now Frontier? Ears in jars. Quite disturbing.

  12. I have listened to Clockwork Angels numerous times in the last couple of weeks. I find this musical journey to be one of the best albums I have heard in years. Yes, I am a big fan (of course) but I truly feel this band has shown no signs of slowing down. The past couple of albums have had their strong moments. But from 'Caravan' all the way through to 'The Garden', I have never felt so completely satisfied since... well, never. Hemispheres may be as close as they have come to creating this sort of masterpiece in my humble opinion, with 2112 a close 3rd.


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