Neil Peart Guest Appearance on Upcoming Vertical Horizon Album - Video Update

Neil Peart Guests on Vertical Horizon Album
Back in 2009, Neil Peart made a guest appearance on Vertical Horizon's Burning The Days CD, playing on three of the album's twelve tracks. At last month's NAMM show, Drum Workshop's John Good revealed that DW had prepared a new custom drum kit for Neil which was made for his use on the upcoming studio sessions for the new Vertical Horizon album.

At that time, Vertical Horizon's Matt Scannell posted this update:
"Okay this BIG news has come out online, and it's not definite yet ... but we're working to make it happen. I won't comment publicly online about it yet, but since it's out there I wanted you to see this. Neil and I are working on the scheduling, and DW has kindly made him a new kit to try and facilitate. Thanks for your support. Matt"
Then, earlier last week, Sabian Cymbals posted photos to their Facebook Page of Neil recording some tracks alongside Matt Scannell.

And now there's some video footage of the studio session with Neil available.

Neil's drumming begins at around the 4:25 mark.

Thanks to both Ed from RushIsABand and Eric from Power Windows for providing the information and links.


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