Another Rush Reference on FX's Archer

Rush on Archer
On last night's episode of FX's animated series Archer, Rush was referenced once again. In the opening scene of the episode, which is, titled Skin Game, the character Krieger says "How dare you fail to recognize my greatest accomplishment to date?", to which the character Pam replies "What, you finally nailed YYZ?" Krieger shouts back "It's Zed,, Neil Peart (pronounced Pert) stands alone...".

Later, the main character Archer enters Krieger's lab which has a large Neil Peart-style drumkit in it and the words "Thunder Dome" written in the classic Rush font on the double-bass drums.

Archer says "Wow, amazing, you can play 'YYZ'", to which Krieger replies "First of all, it's YY-zed. And second of all, no I can't get it, it's impossible."

This marks the third such Rush reference on the series. Back in January, a van appeared in the show with a Hemispheres-style painted motif. Last April, another van appeared in a great Exit...Stage Left motif.

Click HERE for a larger view of the screen-capture.

Thanks to Eric from Power Windows for passing along the news and the screen-cap.

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  1. Indeed! However, the sequencing of the references is inverted here. Archer sees the drumkit first, and later in the episode Pam asks about "YY-Zed."

    1. Archer says Krieger has mastered YYZ when he first sees the drumkit (which does not look like any drumkit that I have seen Neil with), Krieger says no, and it is called YYZed. Then later in a different scene, Pam mentions YYZ.

  2. Did you catch the one last night. On the season finale Kriegers van has a modified image of Caress of Steel's album cover painted on the side of his van. There are really great. Rush continues to mold this generation!


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