Guns and Roses' Slash Comments on Rush and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rush Snubbed From the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Again
Guitarist Slash confirmed that he will be in attendance next month when Guns N' Roses is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH – along with at least some of his former bandmates – but has mixed feelings about it.

He feels honoured but also a bit turned off given that the hall has overlooked so many other great rock bands including, of course, Rush. From an article at the Globe and Mall:
“It's sort of a bittersweet thing too because there's so many artists that aren't inducted, that came way before Guns did, that really actually almost deserve more to be in there and they're not in there, the guitarist said in an interview Wednesday, listing off Canadian band Rush, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick and Kiss as examples.

“So it's really hard to sort of feel victorious ... that to me just doesn't seem right.”
Almost, Slash? Right.

Rush's exclusion from the RRHOF is nothing new to fans, but if you'd like to read a fantastic summary of the history behind this travesty, check out this page from the Rush fan site Power Windows.

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  1. Ihave to say I hope they never get inducted into that joke of a project they mistakenly call Rock and Roll as well as a Hall of fame. I urge people as well as Rush to let it be known that 'We arent going to accept an invite into that Bush leagues 3rd rate warehouse they call a hall anyways.
    We deserve better digs with and along side the professional musicians around the world not these Milli Vanilli production types. I just dont know if its better to say it now or wait till after the nomination to respectivly DECLINE the INDUCTION


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