Rush Ranks #32 on Billboard's "Top 40 Money Makers of 2012"

Billboard Magazine has posted a list of the Top 40 Money Makers of 2012 noting the net revenue from album/video sales and concert tours from 2011 (Not really sure why they're calling it the 2012 list).

Coming in at the #32 spot was Rush's, led by the 2011 leg of their Time Machine Tour:


The Canadian prog-rock power trio remains a mighty draw on the road, thanks to the band's deep catalog of anthems like "Tom Sawyer," "Closer to the Heart" and "The Spirit of Radio," and the chops of bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart. The band's Time Machine tour continued through the first half of 2011, grossing $14.1 million in the United States and netting $4.8 million. Rush also made noise at retail, generating U.S. album sales of 431,000 units. Adding to the revenue mix: a concert recording titled "Time Machine: Live in Cleveland 2011" debuted and peaked at No. 54 on the Billboard 200 in November, with the live show kicking off a new deal with Roadrunner Records.
Thanks to GeddyWannaBe and Sam Forth for passing along the news.


  1. Wow, that's a really tiny fraction of what it must cost to put on that kind of tour, plus all the video production, books, t-shirts, packaging and marketing. Considering how it probably costs a MINIMUM of a million dollars to design and produce the tour (the stage equipment and lighting itself is always mostly new from tour to tour, and that's got to be half a million bucks right there)(the stage KISS used for their Love Gun Tour back in the 70's was a million dollars!), and then throw in all the rest of the miscellaneous expenses, $5-6M had better be profit!

  2. I am not sure who is "rush"....I mean is rush....neil geddy al....or does "rush" include the SRO team as well? I truly think that Rush...and SRO is employed by Rush......and so therefore it would stand to reason that Neil Ged and the 5 mil.....but boy......don't know for sure.....


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