Clockwork Angels Release Date: May 23rd, 2012

Rush: Clockwork Angels
Update (03/07/2012): Both the US and Canadian version of Amazon.Com now have Clockwork Angels available for PRE-ORDER. Based on the listing, it appears that the North American release date has been set at Tuesday, May 29th.
Last month, we reported that, according to an article from PROG magazine, Rush's forthcoming album Clockwork Angels would be released this May.

Now, according to two separate postings at Amazon Japan and HMV Japan, it appears that the album will be released on May 23rd -- in Japan, anyway. HMV is also reflecting a cover image that I actually mocked up some time ago. :-)

Given that new albums in North America usually drop on Tuesdays, it's likley that Clockwork Angels will be released on May 22nd or even perhaps the 15th.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer before the album pre-order information appears on Amazon US and Canada.

Thanks to RushFanForever for passing along the links.

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  1. If it sticks, hope they split the artwork credit between you & Mr. Syme! Nice job!

  2. If you visit the HMV Japan website, Google Translate does what it can, but the results are humorous:

    The latest trio to the lock of the strongest in history, and about five years since "Legend" to shine, of Rush, from previous work that the name of the rock scene brilliantly!

    Treasures of the current rock scene to record the album sales of 4,000 million units worldwide, Rush. "Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland" live latest work was published in December 2011 followed, finally announced the latest studio work!

    Two new songs have been also included live albums were released earlier already, sound stamped without losing the aggressive its called "Rush" is pressed firmly, overwhelming even from young fans in a style full of dash feeling that received the support, also to attract fans of yesteryear Rush.

    Huh? Oh well....rock on!

  3. As of right now, the album is not showing as being available for pre-order. Looks like someone jumped the gun somewhere. Because it's not even on the official band page. Once we see the date on the official site, then we'll know the date.


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