Rush Reference on Third Season Finale of FX's Archer

Rush on Archer
Another Rush reference appeared on FX's Archer during the show's third-season finale. The episode, which was titled "Space Race: Part 2", featured Dr. Krieger's van was once again painted in a Rush motif. This time around, Rush's third album Caress of Steel was the subject matter as the van was dubbed "Caress of Krieger".

Click HERE for a large version of the screen capture.

This marks the fourth Rush reference to appear on the show, and the third Rush-inspired van. Previous van motifs included a Hemispheres theme as well as an Exit...Stage Left (dubbed Exit..Van Left).

Earlier this month, another Rush reference appeared on the show when Dr. Kreiger was attempting to learn YYZ on his Neil Peart-inspired drumkit.

Thanks to reader marc as well as Eric from Power Windows for the heads up.

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