Alex Lifeson Feature on Sirius XM's Classic Vinyl Airs Today

Alex Lifeson on Classic Vinyl
Sirius XM's Classic Vinyl station (Channel 26) will be airing a special interview with Alex Lifeson today in a segment titled Influences.
Less than 2 weeks before Rush will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…guitarist Alex Lifeson will remember 10 Classic Rock songs that influenced his career. Alex is the founding member and guitarist of Rush – formed in the summer of 1968 in Toronto. After a few months the band experienced its first line up change when Lifeson’s classmate Geddy Lee took over vocals and bass. The band, with Lifeson and Lee at its core, went on to release 20 studio albums and on April 18, 2013 will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The program will air during the following times:

  • Airtime: Monday, April 8, 12 pm ET
  • Rebroadcasts: Tuesday, April 9, 9 pm ET; Wednesday, April 10, 6 am ET; Thursday, April 11, 3 pm ET; Friday, April 12, 3 am
  • And for those who missed it, Geddy Lee's feature on Sirius XM's Deep Tracks is now online.

    Update: The interview is now online and can be listened to via the player below (Thanks RushIsABand!)


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