Rush Donates Items for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees Exhibit

Rush Donates Items for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees Exhibit
Ahead of the official induction ceremonies for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013 which take place in Los Angeles on April 18th, an exhibit at the Hall of Fame in Cleveland has been established featuring items from each of the inductees.

The Rush section of the exhibit includes several immediately recognizable items including Alex Lifeson's famed double-neck guitar, Geddy Lee's Fender Bass Guitar, a Neil Peart snare drum and Clockwork Angels-inspired cymbal bass along with several other items. Geddy Lee donated his Fender Bass which has the following description associated with it at the exhibit:
Geddy Lee of Rush Bass Guitar
Hybrid Fender Jazz Bass

This bass guitar uses the neck from Geddy Lee's 1972 Fender Jazz bass, which he refers to as "#1." When attached to its original body, Lee used it to record "Tom Sawyer" as well as many other tracks on Counterparts and Snakes and Arrows. The body is from a Fender Geddy Lee Signature model and features a one-of-a-kind custom painted and engraved pick guard.
The exhibit is said to also include a three-screen multimedia presentation that will have features and stories on each of the inductees. There is a short video tour of the new exhibit which you can view below or at the Cleveland Plain Dealer website which also contains a small photo gallery.

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  1. All the RUSH related items have now been removed from the R n R Hall of Fame. Does anybody know why? I went there a few weeks ago, and to my dismay, there was nothing from RUSH there. ...Not Happy...


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