Neil Peart Jams With Stewart Copeland and Danny Carey

Neil Peart and Danny Carey
According to a posting in the most recent edition of Tool's official newsletter, Neil Peart recently met up with Stewart Copeland of The Police and Danny Carey of Tool for a jam session. Les Claypool was apparently also on hand:
... recently DANNY got together for a drumming/recording session with NEIL PEART (RUSH) and STEWART COPELAND (THE POLICE). LES CLAYPOOL was also involved, but I'm not sure as to what capacity. Whether or not these guys will get together again, or anything will come from the initial 'session', I really don't know. Danny has also been working in his spare time with cEVIN of SKINNY PUPPY (programming Danny's large collection of analogue synthesizers), and there are plans for my neighbor Evil Joe Barresi to possibly record a VOLTO! CD.
I guess Neil is keeping fairly busy during his mini break :)

To read the entire entry in Tool's newsletter, click HERE.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for the news.


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