Rolling Stone Readers Select Geddy Lee as #4 Best Bassist of All Time

Readers of Rolling Stone Magazine were asked to select the best bassist of all time in order to form a 'Top Ten Best of' list. Geddy Lee came in at #4:
If Geddy Lee's only role in Rush was to play the bass he'd be unbelievably accomplished. The fact that he does it while singing and playing keyboards proves that the man is almost a freak of nature. Few singers in the history of rock could have handled this triple duty. The group has occasionally flirted with the idea of adding a fourth member to their stage show to ease Lee's load, but they always decide that fans only want to see the three members of Rush onstage. He manages it all by playing bass pedals during his keyboard parts. The band is currently performing their 1980 LP Moving Pictures on a world tour.
Rounding out the top 3 were 3) Paul McCartney (The Beatles), 2) Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and 1) John Entwistle (The Who).

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  1. ahhh Rolling Stone is such a crock.
    This is a popularity contest and nothing else. Why else would Paul Mccartney be on there? He's a brilliant musician obviously. But as far as bass players are concerned. He doesn't impress anyone.
    Flea...yeah talented, but he's no where near as talented as Geddy. Entwistle, was the best in his era. The top players today blow his stuff away.
    Geddy far and away the best "bassist" on the planet.

  2. John Entwistle is #1 in my opinion and the following three are right up there. I have seen Flea, John Paul Jones and Geddy many times and they are all amazing. Just my humble opinion. JB

  3. Each of those other 3 bassists can only play 1 style.

  4. Good call and very true Mike C.

  5. This "flirted with a 4th man" isn't correct at all.
    I've been following Rush step for step for over 35 years now. If they'd ever leaked that to the media, I'm sure I'd have heard about it.
    I just think it's more bs for RS mag.

  6. Have to disagree with you there, Carmful -- I have heard that '4th member' story before - from Geddy himself...

    It was in the 90's as I recall but as RS indicated, Rush just never could see adding someone else to the band...

    Besides, that would upset Neil's status as 'The New Guy'

  7. I have heard that too. I believe it was to be Rupert Hine for Presto in 1989. Geddy wanted more freedom to play the bass, and they kicked around having Hine play keyboards.

  8. Paul McCartney? Seriously? More like Paul McCrappy. Ged's def #1 by a long margin. I'd put John Deacon at good #2 and the Dusty Hill at a solid #3. Those other 2 guys, Flea and The Whistle, can stay in the top ten, I guess. As for Paul he needs 'Help' cause he's 'Yesturday's" news ;)


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