The World According to… Rush

Gibson Guitar has posted a new section to their site called The World According to ... Rush; a summary collection of previous articles and interviews on the band from the past few years

Fans of this longstanding prog rock powerhouse – composed of bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer and lyricist Neil Peart – don’t just love Rush, they worship Rush. Since forming in Toronto in 1968, the band have accumulated 24 gold records and 14 platinum records, with only The Beatles and The Rolling Stones claiming more gold or platinum rock albums.

Collected here are some of the band members’ thoughts on why their chemistry remains strong after 43 years.
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  1. Love this comment from Neil:

    “My subject matter is drawn from other people, although it’s nice to find a personal parallel if something upsets me. Anger is always a big motivation, and outrage gets me all fired up. But one thing I particularly hate is confessional lyrics, the one where people reach down inside their tormented souls and tell me how much they hurt – that’s really selfish and petty! If you have all that pain, by all means express it but be a little self absorbed about it and look around you at other people, because everyone has pain and frustration and you can find parallels if you look for them.”

  2. For me, this comment from Neil is just amazing ...

    Neil Peart on Rush fans, as written in his book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time, published this month

    “Standing backstage while the opening movie played the other night, poised to run on, sticks in hand, ear-monitors in, I found myself excited by two thoughts. I was idly pondering how I might start my solo that night … and I also felt an unaccustomed eagerness – a curiosity to get out there to see the audience. Not to hear the audience, note – not to bask in their cheers and appreciation – but just to look at them. Their number, their faces, their reactions, their dances, their T-shirts, the signs they hold up. Even while I’m supposed to be up there entertaining people, they can be so entertaining for me.”

    Who would have ever guessed Neil would be entertained (and not annoyed) by US! :)


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