Legendary Rock Outfit Rush Owes Much to Cleveland

Rush Rocks Cleveland
Another article regarding Rush's return to Cleveland was published by Yahoo a couple days back. This one, written by Peter Chakerian and titled Legendary Rock Outfit Rush Owes Much to Cleveland is a partial interview with Alex Lifeson and Donna Halper along with a short retrospective look at Rush's career and, in particular, the band's early experience with Cleveland:
"Cleveland was hugely important for us, because up until we were embraced there, we were just basically a bar band in Toronto," said Lifeson during a phone interview with Yahoo! from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "We were on the Southern Ontario high school dance circuit and doing clubs.

"To come to America was such a huge deal, and to come to Cleveland -- with its rich connections and rock music heritage and be embraced by the city and crowd there -- it really was a really great experience for us. It all started for us in Cleveland and the city has a giant place in our hearts."
You can read the entire article via this LINK.

Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the news.


  1. I love the fact that, at least over the last week, Rush was the biggest and most important Rush act happening in Cleveland -- regardless of what that 'other' institution would have you think.

    Wish I could have been there live - but I'll just wait to be there in 'memorex' instead.

  2. Donna Halper's great. If I could watch her rip Jann Wenner a new one, I'd change my mind about Rush even bothering with the RRHOF. But having Wenner present their induction would be even better. That, I'd pay money to watch.

    Has anyone been to a show? I must forego it this year, but am curious how they're doing. It would be really cool to see them in Europe.

    This is Zen Prole...when did the posting software change?

  3. Hey Zen-

    I switched over to Blogger about a month ago to make posting news stories a little easier for me...

    You can still post with your name -- just select the Name/URL option in the comment screen.

    If you don't select any option, it defaults to 'Anonymous'

    I saw the boys in Hershey -- they are on fire...

  4. It's cleavland that owes Rush!

  5. Yes, Cleveland was the first to play them on the air! Someone had to believe in what they were hearing (and seeing). Having lived both in the NYC area and Cleveland, I can assure you that many NYC rock stations played the living snot out of RUSH back in the mid 70's too, especially during 'free form' weekends. The band quickly caught on, mainly amongst mid-sized pockets of devoted admirers, enough to make a name for themselves. I remember attending high school in Jersey in the mid 70's, when a handful of us rockheads knew of RUSH, and started spreading the word. It was great to be one of the first to wear RUSH concert shirts back then, and not be confused with the OTHER radio talk show host blowhard, who co-opted the bands name over the years! I'm 51 now, and when I wear my RUSH shirts in public (i'm a fan for life), some people either praise me, or sneer at me, thinking i'm a supporter of Rush Limbaugh!


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