Geddy Lee Classic Rock Video Interview Now Online

The CD that is included with the July 2012 issue of Classic Rock Magazine includes a humorous 7-minute video interview with Geddy Lee. The interviewer asks Geddy a series of questions including:
  • Have you ever used the phrase Do you know who I am? (Answer: Yes, with his wife in the morning...)
  • Have you ever stolen anything from a hotel room? (Answer: Yes, a power converter)
  • Have you ever been star-struck? (Answer: Yes, in meeting Pete Townshend at the Governor General's Awards Gala)
  • What would save first if your house was on fire?
  • Have you ever recorded a song you didn't like? (Tai Shan fans need not listen)
  • You can view the entire video below or directly at YouTube.

    Thanks to Ed from RushIsABand for passing along the link.


    1. The questions about "Do you know who I am?" cracked me up. In my hometown, we recently had a black politician who got in the middle of a police investigation, and when he was getting the "attention" he thought his interjection deserved from the white police officer (after the cops had told him to back off several times) he said (and they have it on video tape) "Do you know who I am?" They promptly arrested him for interferring with their investigation. Geddy's answer cracks me up too...reminds me of my marriage. No respect.

    2. I actually liked Tai Shan


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